Buccal Tube Brochure

Less Than 2% Bond Failure SPEED System™ HESPELER ORTHODONTICS 298 Shepherd Avenue Cambridge Ontario N3C 1V1 Canada Tel:1-800-26-SPEED 1-519-658-2925 Fax:1-519-658-6925 www.speedsystem.com SPEED Buccal Tubes

Bond Strength You Can Depend On SPEED’s low profile design and exceptional anatomical fit have been delivering great clinical results and exceptionally low debond rates for decades. A long term study has proven how dependable SPEED Buccal Tubes are in clinical practice. SPEED Buccal Tubes... A perfect fit for your office. Published bond failure data for SPEED Lower First Molar tubes collected over 9 years, reveals a remarkably low overall failure rate of less than 2%. Highlights of this study include... The Published Evidence* Bond failure is arguably the most common clinical emergency. It is certainly one of the most frustrating and can be costly in terms of clinical time and material in addition to prolonging treatment.* SPEED’s low profile molar tube design minimizes occlusal interference ensuring excellent retention. Retrospective Practice-based study Single Practitioner office Bond failures and “re-failures” recorded for every patient bonded 1187 patients bonded (1998-2007) * Bond Failure in Clinical Practice, Ewing, M., - Australian Orthodontic Journal Volume 25 No. 2 November 2009 SPEED Bondable Molar Tubes “ “ Results Tubes Bonded 2421 Bond Failures 47 Failure Rate 1.94%

Less than 2% Failure Rate Ultra Low Profile Precise Anatomical Fit Micro-Retentive Mesh Base Easy to Place - Easy to Remove Improved Hygiene and Tissue Health No Painful Seating and Separation Easy to Reach Elastic Hooks A Fraction of the Cost of Bands Eliminates Large Band Inventory Eliminates Band Seating Visit Eliminates Band Spaces Optional distal offset is available for upper and lower first molar attachments An Option for Every Clinical Situation SPEED Single Tube SPEED Double Tube SPEED Mini-Tube 1. Strength! 2. Ease! 3. Savings! 3 Great reasons to use SPEED Buccal Tubes! Less Than 2% Bond Failure

Support the tube with placement tweezers and finger. Butter adhesive deeply into the mesh bonding base. Grasp the tube hook with the placement tweezers and the attachment is now ready to bond. Align the indent with the buccal groove and press firmly. The tube will align itself. Contact our office or your SPEED representative today! Experience the incredible performance, ease of use, and efficiency that SPEED Buccal tubes can provide. Ask us about our special discount offer! Try SPEED Buccal Tubes Today and Discover Their Benefits Virtually eliminate bond failures. Anatomically formed Micro-Retentive Mesh Bonding Base provides ideal fit. Miniaturized contoured elastic hooks are shaped to avoid gingival/mucosal tissue. Permit archwires to lie close to the buccal surface minimizing occlusal interference. SSBTB Rev B. Printed in Canada Bonding SPEED Tubes 1 2 3 Less Than 2% Bond Failure SPEED System™ Orthodontics HESPELER ORTHODONTICS LIMITED 298 Shepherd Avenue Cambridge Ontario N3C 1V1 Canada Tel: 1-519-658-2925 • 1-800-267-7333 • Fax:1-519-658-6925 www.speedsystem.com • speedback@speedsystem.com

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