SPEED Users Guide

19 SPEED SUPERCABLE ™ ARCHWIRES SPEED Supercable™ is a multi-stranded Super Elastic Nickel Titanium Coaxial Wire. Unmatched as an initial aligning and leveling wire, it replaces .014 or .016 solid Nickel Titanium wires which can exert 3 to 5 times more force. Regardless of the malalignment, Supercable™ archwires are easily and fully engaged with no plastic deformation of any component. Its extremely low unloading force plateau assures that appliance-induced stresses within the periodontium will remain at near optimal levels throughout. Supercable™ is designed to accept sharp bends without taking a permanent set. Its unique design and construction combined with its super-elastic properties allow it to recover fully even when severely deformed. Therefore, distal end bends are impossible and distal stops must be used instead. Specially designed SPEED Split Stops™ may be used for this purpose. SPEED SPLIT STOPS ™ FOR THE DISTAL ENDS Distal stops are used to secure Supercable™ ends. A SPEED Split Stop Plier or dull distal end cutter is used to secure the stops. Distal end bends with Supercable™ are impossible. Supercable™ is designed to accept sharp bends without taking a set. Never “flame” the end of Supercable™. Distal CUTTING SUPERCABLE ™ ARCHWIRES Frayed end due to dull cutter Cut Supercable™ with a sharp “Distal End” or “Ligature” cutter Sharply cut end ready for distal stop A sharp Distal End Cutter or Ligature Cutter must always be used when cutting Supercable™. This will ensure a sharp cut through Supercable’s™ tiny individual strands. Use of a dull cutting instrument may cause tearing or fraying of the wire ends, which may result in patient discomfort. Mesial

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