SPEED Users Guide

23 SPEED’s .016 square horizontal auxiliary slot may be used to house an .016 Supercable™ or solid nickel-titanium sectional for individual tooth movement. Here a coil is used to create space while the sectional gently moves the “blocked out” tooth labially to its proper location. DISTALIZATION AND RETRACTION Upper Arch — (1) Molar - Bicuspid Distalization, Canine retraction Full sized Square, Stainless steel SPEED D-Wire™ or HILLS Dual Geometry™ wire (2) Anterior retraction Full Sized Square Stainless steel wire or HILLS Dual Geometry™ wire Lower Arch — Full Sized Nickel Titanium or Stainless Steel Square archwire or SPEED D-Wire™ • It is important to remember that ideal root parallelism during bodily translation is ensured by the unique homing action of the SPEED Spring Clip. If retraction forces are great enough to dominate the Spring Clip, they will cause a very small amount of tipping or rotation which automatically places the appropriate energy into storage for a perfect homing in to the programmed bracket-wire relationship. Light forces are always recommended. • Stiff stainless steel archwires are best for extraction space closure and non-extraction distalization if lingual collapse is to be avoided. This is especially true in the mandibular arch. • When posterior torque control is a main concern, full sized square stainless steel wires are ideal. • HILLS Dual Geometry™ wire is well suited to controlling anterior torque while providing a round polished posterior segment for bodily translation. By filling the slot occluso-gingivally, full torque control is ensured. The wire’s reduced labio-lingual dimension ensures easy archwire insertion and Spring Clip closing. This wire is made of an ultra-high tensile strength stainless steel. Its stiffness virtually eliminates undesirable dumping often associated with similar wires. FINISHING AND RETENTION .018 Slot Upper and Lower Arch — .017 x .022 stainless steel SPEED Wire™ .022 Slot Upper and Lower Arch — .017 x .022 or .020 x .025 stainless steel SPEED Wire™ • Finishing is best accomplished with a stainless steel SPEED Wire™. The unique shape of the SPEED Wire™ enhances cooperation between SPEED brackets and the archwire. The homing action of the Spring Clip combined with the unique cross sectional shape of this wire provides precise tooth positioning in all planes of space. • SPEED Wires™ are also frequently used for slow arch expansion with a minimum of crown tipping. The relatively light torque forces working to hold the buccal teeth upright should ideally compress the periodontal ligaments gently and uniformly and so as to prevent areas of ischemia. This delicate action is intended to encourage alveolar bone apposition buccal to the labially translated roots.

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