SPEED Users Guide

THE SPEED MUSHROOM HOOK™ The SPEED Mushroom Hook™ is a miniaturized integral hook which is available on all brackets. This uniquely shaped hook easily grasps and securely holds any style of intra-oral elastomerics. It is smaller than conventional integral hooks and contoured in form, thus ensuring SPEED’s unparalleled ease of hygiene while virtually eliminating gingival irritation. These hooks are positioned on the distal side of each bracket so as not to inhibit opening of the appliance from the gingival. Should a posterior tooth be so malaligned that its Mushroom Hook™ causes tissue irritation, the hooks are designed to be bent in any direction. Once alignment has taken place the hook can be bent back to its original position. SPEED HOOKS In addition to the Mushroom Hook™, the SPEED appliance has been designed to accommodate a variety of preformed square wire elastic hooks. Conventional Kobayashi type hooks may be used, but are not really suitable for use with the SPEED appliance. SPEED Hooks are available in different configurations and can be inserted into the auxiliary slot of any SPEED bracket, thus allowing the practitioner unlimited versatility when using intra-oral forces. SPEED Hooks are stronger and more secure than conventional tie hooks and, due to their reduced tendency to wobble or distort, enable clinicians to more efficiently deliver required forces to the teeth. Each hook is rounded at both ends for patient comfort, miniaturized and removable so as to enhance both the hygiene and aesthetics of the appliance. 25 The SPEED Mushroom Hook™ is available on all brackets. The SPEED Mushroom Hook™ can easily be bent in any direction. Kobayashi Tie Hooks Preformed SPEED Hooks installed in SPEED Brackets

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