SPEED Users Guide

8 CLOSING THE SPEED APPLIANCE Before attempting to apply a closing force to the Spring Clip, care must be taken to ensure that the archwire is fully seated in its slot. This is most conveniently accomplished by holding the archwire in the slot with the forked end of the SPEED Opening Instrument while a closing force is applied with the operator’s thumbnail. Closing the SPEED Appliance is so easy it can be done with a fingernail. It is important, however, to confirm that the archwire is fully seated against the base of the slot to ensure that the SPEED Spring Clip will close completely. The illustration on the left shows a bracket in its closed position with its archwire fully seated. The illustrations on the right show how the Spring Clip can be prevented from closing if the archwire is not properly seated. Improper closure, as illustrated above, is the most common cause of archwire escapes. THE SPEED OPENING INSTRUMENT The SPEED Opening Instrument was designed by the inventor of the SPEED Appliance, Dr. G.H. Hanson, specifically for use with the SPEED appliance. The slender single prong is ideal for opening SPEED Spring Clips. The forked end may be used for a variety of tasks, such as closing Spring Clips and directing and seating archwires. Wire seated in the slot Wire not seated in the slot

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