SPEED Users Guide

7 Open from the Gingival Simply apply a light occlusally directed sliding force to the gingival indent. OPENING THE SPEED APPLIANCE Opening the bracket requires no special instruments or complicated techniques and may be accomplished using a SPEED Opening Instrument or by using a scaler. The opening force required is very light: approximately 300 gms when using the Labial Windo . Apply a light occlusally directed sliding force to either the Labial Window™ or the Gingival Indent in the Spring Clip. It is important to give the Spring Clip a sufficiently long opening stroke to allow its labial end to rest in the parking groove and thereby stay in the open position. Sometimes, it is more comfortable for the patient if the occlusal surface of the tooth is supported with a thumb or finger while exerting the opening force. Each Spring Clip is carefully examined and opened several times at the factory to ensure proper performance. Should excessive force be required to open a Spring Clip, reorient the Opening Instrument and reapply the opening force. If resistance to the opening force is still encountered, one should check to see if any excess bonding adhesive is impeding the movement of the Spring Clip. A Multi-Fluted FG 7901 Flame Jet Carbide burr may be used “dry” to remove hardened adhesive from behind the Spring Clip. The opening force may then be reapplied. CALCULUS AND THE SPEED BRACKET The formation of calculus around the Spring Clip can inhibit the movement of the Spring Clip into the ‘open’ position. This rare occurrence usually happens in the lower incisor region with a small percentage of adult patients. A Cavitron® may be used to dislodge the calculus by placing the vibrating tip onto the surface of the Spring Clip. Care must be taken not to touch the bracket body or pad of the bracket with the vibrating tip as this will almost certainly result in a bond failure. Once the calculus is dislodged, the bracket can be opened in the usual manner. Open with the Labial Window™ Simply insert the tip of an “opening instrument” or explorer into the Labial Window™ and apply a light occlusally directed force.

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