SPEED Users Guide

With all posterior SPEED brackets, apply a slightly firmer force against the labial surface of the bracket body near the gingival initially, and then a more uniform force to press it home. This causes most of the excess paste to exude toward the occlusal, thereby reducing the need for residual flash removal at the gingival. On posterior brackets with larger bonding pads, excess adhesive may be forced toward the occlusal. This reduces the need for residual flash removal at the gingival. BONDING SPEED ATTACHMENTS SPEED attachments feature Micro-Retentive Mesh™ bonding bases. Each bracket base is carefully contoured to precisely mirror the anatomy of its corresponding tooth. For this reason, SPEED attachments are not interchangeable. When bonding SPEED attachments, no special bonding technique or adhesive is required. No one technique is most preferred by SPEED users. SPEED attachments may be bonded using the direct or indirect technique with equal effectiveness. Similarly, the appliance may be bonded using any one of a variety of adhesive types: • Paste-to-Paste • No-Mix • Light Activated 14 MICRO-RETENTIVE MESH ™ All SPEED attachments feature Micro-Retentive Mesh™ bonding bases. Micro-Retentive Mesh™ has been proven in large scale clinical studies to reduce bond failures by 50% and, in laboratory simulations, to double bond strength. Micro-Retentive Mesh™ bonding bases are dull in appearance but require no special bonding technique or adhesives. THE DIRECT TECHNIQUE - POSTERIOR BRACKETS When direct bonding SPEED attachments, be certain that the composite paste is thoroughly incorporated into the retentive mesh of each bracket base. Sufficient excess should be left in the middle to allow for deficiencies between the fit of the bracket and the tooth’s surface. Try to gauge the amount of paste so as to give a peripheral seal without requiring a lot of flash clean-up. After lightly applying the attachment to the tooth at the pre-selected bond location, firmly press it home with a sickle scaler.

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