SPEED Users Guide

15 Care must be taken during bonding to avoid clogging the occlusal end of the Spring Clip. If composite is inadvertently squeezed over the incisal edge of a bonding base and onto a Spring Clip, immediately wipe it out with the tip of a sharp explorer. By forcing excess adhesive to exude toward the gingival on incisor brackets, one reduces the risk of clogging the Spring Clips on these brackets with miniaturized pads. When bonding SPEED brackets, care must be taken to avoid clogging the moveable Spring Clip with either adhesive or sealant. Minimizing the application of adhesive and sealant during bonding, not only reduces the danger of this occurring, but also maximizes the strength of the bond. BONDING SPEED ATTACHMENTS THE DIRECT TECHNIQUE - ANTERIOR BRACKETS Present upper incisor brackets to the tooth surface in the opposite way to posterior brackets, i.e., the incisal edge of the base comes in contact first, so that subsequent pressure will cause excess flash to exude toward the gingival. To do otherwise could result in the clogging of the Spring Clip slots and resultant seizure. The attachment can then be teased into its best possible position as viewed from both the occlusal and labial. Some clinicians find that the use of a hairdryer to circulate the moisture laden air present in the mouth, reduces the risk of moisture condensation on the teeth.

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