SPEED Users Guide

27 AVAILABLE SIZES (A) .016 Round (F)* .016 x .022 Rectangular (B) .018 Round .021 x .021 D-Wire™ (C) .020 Round .017 x .022 SPEED Wire™ (D) .018 x .018 D-Wire™ (G)* .018 x .022 Rectangular (D) .018 x .018 Square .021 x .021 Square (E)* .020 x .025 SPEED Wire™ .017 x .025 Rectangular .019 x .025 Rectangular * Indicates that the same hook applies to the entire group. SPEED ARCHWIRE HOOKS™ SPEED Archwire Hooks™ are designed to allow reliable force application to any size or configuration of archwire regardless of its material properties. They are ideal for use on nickel-titanium or stainless steel archwires in round, rectangular, square, D-Wire™, or SPEED Wire™ shapes. Unlike crimpable archwire hooks which migrate under the influence of intra oral forces, SPEED Archwire Hooks™ grasp the archwire tighter as the applied force is increased. The SPEED Archwire Hook™ has no equal. Installation is quick and accurate, while eliminating any danger of compromising the wire’s properties with time-consuming soldering. Patients appreciate the ease with which they can fasten elastics to the hook. Cosmetic, hygienic and comfortable for patients. Reliable and easy to install. The SPEED Archwire Hook™ is a hook you can count on. SPEED Archwire Hooks™ are suitable for use on round, square, rectangular, D-Wire™, or SPEED Wire™ archwires. SQUARE or RECTANGULAR ROUND CLOSED POSITION OPEN POSITION (EXPLODED VIEW)

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