SPEED Users Guide

HOW THEY WORK SPEED Archwire Hooks™ feature a unique self-locking tapered design which tightens its grasp on the archwire as the applied force increases. The hook consists of a tapered and split inner sleeve which nests into the hook’s tapered inner hole. Simply slide the hook into place on the archwire and apply force to the collet and housing to lock the hook into place. The tapered design of the collet and housing ensures a tight grip on any size or shaped archwire. 28 SPEED ARCHWIRE HOOK™ PLIER This plier is designed specifically to ensure proper installation of any of the SPEED Archwire Hook™ styles. HOW IT WORKS Increasing the applied Force “A” Increases the gripping Force “B” Pre-assembled position. Improper orientation on the archwire. Note how the hook is pre-assembled in alignment with the split. Care should be taken to avoid positioning the inner sleeve split on the sharp archwire edge as this may prevent proper locking. “A” “B” “B” HOW TO INSTALL SPEED ARCHWIRE HOOKS ™ Note: Do not cut the distal ends of the archwire prior to the installation of the SPEED archwire hook. Cutting the wire’s distal end often results in the deformation of the terminal end of the wire and can prevent the hook from being fed onto the wire. (1) Mark designated position on wire. (2) Feed hook onto archwire orienting the hook to facilitate proper force application. Note: Care should be taken to avoid positioning the split in the inner sleeve on the sharp corner of the wire as this may prevent proper locking. For operator convenience the split is pre-aligned with the hook so that this situation may be easily avoided. (3) Gently secure the hook into position with light pressure. (4) Tightly lock the hook into place with the SPEED Archwire Hook™ plier.

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