SPEED Users Guide

Attempts to address some of these limitations through appliance redesign have been superficial. Miniaturization has been thwarted by a dependency on ligatures which do not provide the sustained force required for adequate control. This was fully illustrated by the re-emergence and subsequent disappearance of the single tie wing bracket. Designers have since been forced into exploring a variety of exotic materials, which exhibit some unpleasantly surprising characteristics. These failures in appliance redesign limit their focus to cosmetic modifications, and do not provide the evolutionary modifications necessary to advance the state of the art. A new Paradigm is in order. SPEED — THE NEW PARADIGM Unique in concept and design, SPEED is the new Paradigm. Transcending the limitations imposed by dated designs, SPEED provides unmatched clinical and treatment efficiency while enhancing patient acceptance: The Future of Appliance Design. Employing a resilient super-elastic Spring Clip to secure the archwire, SPEED requires no ligatures. SPEED snaps open to accept the archwire and snaps closed to entrap it. Archwire changes are fast; self-ligation minimizes chair time, maximizing clinical efficiency. Able to store energy, the SPEED Spring Clip actively cooperates with virtually any sized archwire in precise, corrective tooth movement. SPEED enhances treatment progress. The mutual action of Spring Clip and archwire extends the range of appliance activation reducing both patient visits and treatment duration. No other design offers stored energy or comparable treatment efficiency. Simply engage the archwire activating the Spring Clip and SPEED begins to work. And work, until its corresponding tooth has been precisely delivered to its proper location and inclination. Any subsequent deviation from this ideal is corrected through the reactivation of SPEED’s unique homing action. SPEED’s memory never forgets. Such precision and control simplifies treatment. There’s no need for exaggerated built-in features or compensatory mechanics. Excellent results with minimal effort — what could be simpler? Cosmetic, Comfortable and Hygienic — SPEED makes patients feel great, resulting in increased referrals. Patients appreciate SPEED’s comfortably light forces and find the mini-wingless attachments easy to clean. SPEED enhances the patient’s appearance and yours! Safe for patient, clinician and staff, SPEED reduces risks. Gloves, Masks, Infection Control: the modern orthodontic environment has changed. SPEED’s ligatureless design virtually eliminates the danger of laceration or puncture wounds. Clinicians wearing gloves find SPEED safe and easy to work with. SPEED offers superior results you don’t have to worry about. Combining the sound fundamentals embodied in Edward Angle’s original design with the revolutionary modifications of stored energy and self-ligation, SPEED has advanced the state of the art. Providing patients and clinicians with unparalleled clinical and treatment efficiency since 1980, SPEED is the new Paradigm. 4 Full Control — Stored Energy Low Friction

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