SPEED Users Guide

5 HOW THE SPEED APPLIANCE WORKS FULL 3-DIMENSIONAL CONTROL The fully preadjusted SPEED appliance provides patients and clinicians with the ultimate in 3-dimensional control. By employing a resilient super-elastic, nickel titanium Spring Clip to entrap and seat the archwire, SPEED provides a constant corrective force which will not degrade with time. The mutual action of the SPEED Spring Clip and archwire extends the range of appliance activation reducing both patient visits and treatment duration. ROTATION AND TIP CONTROL SPEED’s Spring Clip is activated upon archwire engagement. Once deflected by the archwire, the SPEED Spring Clip provides corrective forces which ensure “full” tip and rotational correction. Any subsequent deviation from this ideal is corrected through the reactivation of SPEED’s unique homing action. Activated Passive Rectangular Archwire SPEED Wire™ Archwire Side View (Spring Clip Activated) Top View (Sectioned) Archwire Bracket Spring Clip Corrective Force Spring Clip Activated Ideal Tooth Position TORQUE CONTROL SPEED’s edgewise slot will accommodate square, rectangular, or SPEED Wire™ shaped archwires for full torque control. SPEED Wire™ shaped nickel titanium and stainless steel archwires feature a round-rectangular profile. The unique shape of this archwire enhances cooperation between SPEED brackets and archwire ensuring full expression of built-in torque.

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