SPEED Users Guide

THE SPEED APPLIANCE 6 Lingual In-Out Adaptor Auxiliary Slot Archwire Slot Occlusal Labial (Buccal) Undercut for Chain Elastics Opening Instrument Access Slot Escape-Proof Super-Elastic Spring Clip SPEED Mushroom Hook™ Micro-Retentive Mesh™ Bonding Pad Gingival THE SPEED APPLIANCE WITH SPRING CLIP IN THE “SLOT OPEN” POSITION Labial Window™ SPEED attachments are similar in appearance but are specifically designed for each individual tooth. Each attachment consists of up to 5 components: a Rhomboid shaped bracket body, a permanently installed super-elastic Spring Clip which may occupy either of two equilibrium positions—”slot open” or “slot closed”, an in-out adapter, an integral Mushroom Hook™, and a Micro-Retentive Mesh™ bonding base. Appliance landmarks include an edgewise archwire slot available in either .018 or .022, an .016 square auxiliary slot, which may house a variety of auxiliaries including preformed SPEED Hooks, and a colored identification mark. SPEED is a totally pre-adjusted appliance with built-in Torque, Tip and In-Out. Various prescriptions are available to suit individual preferences. The most popular are: The HANSON Torque Prescription The Medium Torque or MBT** Prescription The Regular Torque or Roth* Prescription The High Torque Prescription These prescriptions reflect the most current philosophies in orthodontics and each is used successfully in many SPEED practices. (* Does not imply endorsement) (** MBT is a trademark of 3M/Unitek)

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