Class II Div II

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This case was treated by:
Dr. François Bérubé


Case Type:
Class II Div II - Extraction of Upper First Bicuspids

Problem List:
Class II occlusion
Transverse discrepancy
Arch Length discrepancy
Torque problems
Over eruption of upper and lower incisors

Case Resumé:
A young lady age 14y 7m; more than 3 years post-puberty with a retrognathic mandible. Her parents declined surgery so the Cl II problem must be resolved via 2 pre-molar extraction. Extractions were not performed in the mandibular arch so as not to further compromise the profile and lip support. On the ceph tracing one can see the severity of the linguo-version of the upper incisors and the retrognathic mandible. She is a little brachycephalic.

Treatment Plan

Maxillary arch:
X-tooth 14, 24
Alignment with .018 Supercable and .016 Super Elastic Nickel Titanium. Upper Canine retraction with .018 Stainless Steel, Upper Arch space closure and Torque control with .021 x .025 posteriorly reduced and finish with .018 x .025 Stainless Steel.

Mandibular arch:
Alignment with .014 Super Elastic Nickel Titanium, .018 Super Elastic Nickel Titanium and level arch .016 x .022 Stainless Steel and .018 x .025 Stainless Steel. Anchorage and Torque control (Transversely and Anteriorly) with .021 x .025 Stainless Steel.