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For Class II Correction Devices

Convertible Tube Product Line

Introducing SPEED Convertible Tubes

Repeatably Convertible - Revolutionary in Design

SPEED’s revolutionary Convertible Tube design incorporates a uniquely shaped Nickel Titanium Microlatch™ to entrap the archwire. Repeatably convertible from first wire to last, the low profile SPEED Convertible Tube is designed to withstand the rigors of treatment and increase efficiency by providing unparalleled ease of access to the molars. An ideal combination of form and function that delivers exceptional clinical performance.

Convertible Tube Land Marks

1 Buccal Indent
1 Nickel Titanium Microlatch™
1 Archwire Slot (.018" or .022")
1 Occlusal Indent
1 Hook
1 Retainer Slot

A Convertible Tube for Every Molar

Incorporating SPEED Convertible Tubes into your treatment plan ensures simplified access to the posteriors and a
number of significant clinical benefits when compared to traditional or single conversion buccal tubes.

• Permits all distal end, step up and detailing bends to be made extra-orally
• Simplifies insertion and engagement of full size wires
• Permits complete arch self-ligation - Upper and lower 7-7
• Easy to open and close... no special technique or instruments required
• Nickel Titanium Microlatch™ withstands the rigors of treatment
• Low profile design minimizes bond failure

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