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Micro-Retentive Mesh Base

Fully Pre-Adjusted

SPEED Auxiliary Slot

SPEED Mushroom Hook

SPEED Bracket Body

Super-Elastic Spring Clip

Passive Zone / Active Zone

Passive Zone / Active Zone

The SPEED Spring Clip provides varying degrees of engagement with the archwire, depending on wire dimension and severity of malocclusion. In the .022 slot, .018 round archwires or smaller (.016 in an .018 Slot) operate in the "Passive Zone" of the SPEED appliance, minimizing friction at the slot / archwire / spring clip interface.

As wire dimension increases beyond .018 round in the .022 slot (.016 in the .018 slot), spring clip engagement increases as treatment progresses with increasingly larger wires operating in the "Active Zone" of the SPEED appliance. The intimate relationship between full size wires, the SPEED archwire slot, and the SPEED Spring Clip assures exceptional tooth control in finishing.

The predictable manner with which SPEED's Nickel Titanium Spring Clip engages with wires of various dimensions, permits the clinician to match archwire to treatment objective, simplifying archwire selection.

Select your slot size below to see how the SPEED Spring Clip will engage with the most commonly used archwires, and to gain a better understanding of Passive Zone / Active Zone of the SPEED Appliance.

022 Slot

018 Slot