How SPEED Works

Understanding SPEED

How SPEED Stores Energy

How SPEED Controls Rotations

Clinical Rotation Example

How SPEED Controls Tip

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How SPEED Controls Torque

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How SPEED Stores Energy

Proof of Concept - SPEED Bracket Prototype 1970

This experiment by Dr. Hanson in 1970 revealed that a primitive and largely hand-made SPEED bracket prototype could propel itself through a arc of 30 degrees relative to a rigid wire.

The ability of the appliance to "true itself" to the archwire in all 3 planes of space is at the heart of the SPEED design. It is the foundation upon which the SPEED design, and all other "active" appliances are based

How SPEED Stores Energy

How SPEED Stores Energy 2


1. The dent in his left index finger
2. The torsional deflection of the spring
3. The band - archwire alignment after release
4. How far the band has moved away from his thumb