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Micro-Retentive Mesh Base

Fully Pre-Adjusted

SPEED Auxiliary Slot

SPEED Mushroom Hook

SPEED Bracket Body

Super-Elastic Spring Clip

Passive Zone / Active Zone

SPEED Super-Elastic Spring Clip

Superior Performance • Superior Durability

SPEED's Super Elastic Nickel Titanium Spring Clip is 400% more elastic than Stainless Steel, virtually eliminating the possibility of Spring Clip damage. Published research has demonstrated that SPEED Spring Clips exhibit no loss of resiliency during treatment, while the Chromium Cobalt Spring Clips used by other active Self-Ligating appliances exhibit a 50% reduction in Spring Clip resiliency over the course of treatment.*

Spring Comparison Chart

400% More Elastic than Stainless Steel

SPEED's Nickel Titanium Spring won't deform, and never "tires"!
Choose a Spring Clip you can rely on.

SPEED ClosedSPEED Opened

A Labial Window that you can actually use

SPEED's Nickel Titanium Spring won't "tire" with repeated
opening. Choose a Spring you can count on.

SPEED vs Competitor

Imitators Recognize our Clinically Proven Design

Look around, SPEED Imitators are everywhere. Why? Because SPEED works. Let SPEED work for you.


SPEED Imitation

*Changes in the stiffness of the ligating mechanism in retrieved active self-ligating brackets: Pandis N., et al. - Am. J. Orthod. Dentofacial Orthop 2007; 132:(6):834-837