Clinician Benefits

Clinical Efficiency

Precise Control

Low Friction

Patient Benefits

Improved Hygiene

Improved Comfort

Improved Aesthetics

Precise Control

The secret to SPEED's precision control is SPEED's Super-Elastic Spring Clip. Once deflected, the Spring Clip works relentlessly to reposition the tooth relative to the archwire. The intimate relationship between the archwire and Spring Clip provides unparalleled control of rotation, tip, and torque.

Rotation Control

Tip Control

Torque Control

Additionally, SPEED's Spring Clip never tires or degrades like conventional ligatures. As a result, the range of appliance activation is extended, reducing both patient visits, and treatment time.


The above visual, taken from Dr. Hanson's 1983 Great Lakes Society presentation, shows how elastomeric donuts degrade during a single treatment appointment.

Dr. David Hime on 3-D control