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SPEED Bondable Molar Tubes won’t let you down. SPEED’s low profile design and exceptional anatomical fit have been delivering great clinical results and exceptionally low debond rates for decades. A recently published long term study has proven how dependable SPEED Molar Tubes are in clinical practice.

Less then 2% Bond Failure

SPEED Buccal Tubes
SPEED's low profile molar tube design minimizes occlusal interference ensuring excellent retention.

The Published Evidence*

Bond failure data for SPEED Lower First Molar Tubes collected over 9 years, and recently published, reveals a remarkably low overall failure rate of less than 2%. Highlights of this study are outlined below...

• Retrospective practice-based study
• Single practitioner office
• Bond failures and "re-failures" recorded for every patient bonded
• 1187 patients bonded (1998-2007)

* Bond Failure in Clinical Practice: Ewing, M., Australian Orthodontic Journal Volume 25 No. 2 November 2009

Clinical Study Results