Recommended Archwire Progression

Although SPEED's edgewise slot will accommodate virtually any size or configuration of arch wire, experienced SPEED users have found that the selected arch wires outlined below most fully exploit SPEED's unique benefits. These are recommended, in general, for best results. This is a general guideline only. In every instance, the orthodontist must make appropriate judgments for each patient being treated.

Alignment and Leveling


Upper - Lower Arches
(1) .016" or .018" Supercable or .014" or .016" nickel-titanium round
(2) .018" or .020" Supercable or .018" nickel-titanium (if required)

.018 Slot
(3) Nickel-Titanium - .018" Round or .017" x .022" SPEED

.022 Slot
(3) Nickel-Titanium - .020" Round or .020" x .025" SPEED

Distalization and Retraction


Upper Arch
Molar, Bicuspid and Canine retraction
• Full sized Round Stainless Steel or Cobalt-Chromium wire

Anterior retraction
• Hills Dual Geometry Archwire

Lower Arch
• Hills Dual Geometry Archwire

Finishing and Retention


Upper - Lower Arches
• SPEED Beta Titanium as needed for detailing
• Full sized Stainless Steel SPEED Archwire