SPEED Illustrated


Micro-Retentive Mesh Base

Fully Pre-Adjusted

SPEED Auxiliary Slot

SPEED Mushroom Hook

SPEED Bracket Body

Super-Elastic Spring Clip

Passive Zone / Active Zone

Fully Pre-Adjusted

The SPEED appliance is fully pre-adjusted to reflect the most current philosophies in orthodontics. Each bracket features built-in torque, tip and in-out. The torque and tip are built into the bracket body; while selected brackets have specific base "In-Out adaptors", which provide their corresponding teeth with both an angular and translational off-set. The result - a more smoothly contoured finishing arch.

Fully Pre-Adjusted Fully Pre-Adjusted

Torque prescriptions available include:

The Hanson Prescription
The Regular Torque Prescription
The Medium Torque Prescription
The High Torque Prescription