SPEED Lingual Anterior Alignment Appliance


Bracket Positioning



For Resolving Lower Anterior Crowding in Adult Patients

Lingual Hero Shot

Design Features:
~ .018 slot permits Spring Clip activation and control with round wires
~ Narrow bracket body to maximize inter-bracket distance on lingual surface
~ Super Elastic Spring Clip with Labial Window
~ Flat Pad to maximize conformity on lower anterior lingual surfaces
~ Minimal in-out thickness and minimal torque and tip.
~ Attachments are "Universal" by quadrant

SPEED Lingual Anterior Alignment Brackets can be bonded either directly or indirectly, as per the clinician's preference.

Standard Archwire Sequence:

Alignment - .018 Supercable
Transitional Wire - .016 or .018 Nickel Titanium
Space Closure / Finishing - .018 TMA

Alternate Wire Options:

Alignment - .016 Supercable for severe rotations
Transitional Wire - .014 Nickel Titanium
Space Closure / Finishing - .018 Stainless Steel


Fixed lingual 3-3 retainer


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      Lingual View                                               Gingival View                                       Mesial/Distal View

Clinical Treatment Guidelines provided by Dr. Bruno Vendittelli - Toronto, Canada