SPEED Illustrated


Micro-Retentive Mesh Base

Fully Pre-Adjusted

SPEED Auxiliary Slot

SPEED Mushroom Hook

SPEED Bracket Body

Super-Elastic Spring Clip

Passive Zone / Active Zone

SPEED Bracket Body

The SPEED Appliance features a miniaturized, multi-slotted bracket body. Smoothly contoured for patient comfort, it features an edgewise archwire slot (.018" or .022") and a horizontal Auxiliary slot (.016" x .016").

In addition, the bracket body's shape is designed specifically to protect the Spring Clip from damage during treatment. The Spring Clip is supported on the occlusal by the bracket body to prevent damage from occlusal forces.

Escape Proof Slot
Recurved Spring Clip rests in retainer slot
Spring Clip supported by bracket body

Stored Energy in SPEED
Premature archwire release is eliminated
Normal mastication forces will not damage the Spring Clip
Spring Clip action will not degrade with time