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Biju Sebastian
Alignment efficiency of superelastic coaxial nickel-titanium vs superelastic single-stranded nickel-titanium in relieving mandibular anterior crowding
The Angle Orthodontist: July 2012, Vol. 82, No. 4, pp. 703-708

Ewing M.
Bond Failure in Clinical Practice
Australian Orthod. J, 2009; 25:(2): 128-135

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Force Levels of Nickel Titanium Initial Archwires
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Changes in the stiffness of the ligating mechanism in retrieved active
self-ligating brackets
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Distalization of Maxillary Molars Using The SPEED System
A Clinical and Radiological Evaluation
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Self-Ligation in the Year 2000
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The SPEED Bracket Auxiliary Slot
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Archwire Hooks for the SPEED System
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The SPEED Positioner
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The SPEED Appliance: A 14-year update on this unique self-ligating orthodontic mechanism.
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