SPEED Lingual Anterior Alignment Appliance


Bracket Positioning



Bracket Positioning

Bracket Positioning - General Guidelines

Lingual View 3 to 3

~ The rounded portion of the Spring Clip faces occlusally.

~ Start by positioning central incisors.

~ Position centrals as far gingivally as the lower lingual cingulum will permit. Position lateral and cuspid brackets based on the height of the central.

~ An approximate bracket height guideline is 4.0 mm for the central and lateral incisors and 4.5 mm for the canines.

Bracket Positioning - Centrals and Laterals

Positioning Centrals and Laterals
~ Parallel Central / Lateral
archwire slot to occlusal plane.

Positioning Central
~ Center Bracket on Long Axis.

Bracket Positioning - Canine

Lingual View 3 to 3
~ Position bracket on center of lingual canine cusp.
~ Parallel Canine archwire slot to existing posterior occlusal plane.

Clinical Treatment Guidelines provided by Dr. Bruno Vendittelli - Toronto, Canada