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In addition to the Mushroom Hook™, the SPEED Appliance has been designed to accommodate a variety of preformed square wire elastic hooks. SPEED Hooks™ are available in 4 different configurations and can be inserted into the auxiliary slot of any SPEED Bracket, thus allowing the practitioner unlimited versatility when using intra-oral forces. SPEED Hooks™ offer many design benefits including:

• Tapered for Easy Insertion
• A Softened End for Securing Hook
• Rounded for Patient Comfort
• Heat Treated for Strength
• Miniaturized & Removable to Enhance Hygiene & Aesthetics

SPEED Hook in a SPEED Bracket

F1 Hook
F.1 +

F1 Hook
F.1 -

F2 Hook
F.2 +

F2 Hook
F.2 -

F3 Hook
F.3 +

F3 Hook
F3 -

F5 Hook
F.5 +

F5 Hook
F.5 -