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Significant bench testing has indicated that the SPEED Supercable Cutter™ is the ideal tool for cutting Supercable™. This cutting plier has gold handles to permit differentiation from other cutting instruments.

SPEED Supercable Cutter
Cutting Supercable

• Bench tests indicate that more than 2000 cuts are possible on a single point on the cutting surface.

• The SPEED Supercable Cutter™ has gold handles to permit differentiation from other instruments.

• The SPEED Supercable Cutter™ is a uni-directional instrument. To achieve the best results, ensure that the distal end of the wire is pointed away from the handles.

• The SPEED Supercable Cutter™ should be reserved for cutting Supercable™ only. Using this instrument to cut solid nickel titanium or full dimension archwires will instantaneously dull the cutter rendering it ineffective for cutting Supercable™.