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Benefits of SPEED Buccal Tubes

SPEED Mini-Buccal Tubes

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Benefits of SPEED Buccal Tubes

3 Great reasons to use SPEED Buccal Tubes!

1 - Strength

• Less than 2% Failure Rate
• Ultra Low Profile
• Precise Anatomical Fit
• Micro-Retentive Mesh Base

2 - Ease

• Easy to Place - Easy to Remove
• Improved Hygiene and Tissue Health
• No Painful Seating and Separation
• Easy to Reach Elastic Hooks

3 - Economy

• A Fraction of the Cost of Bands
• Eliminates Large Band Inventory
• Eliminates Band Seating Visit
• Eliminates Band Spaces

An Option for Every Clinical Situation

Lower 6 SPEED Buccal Tube
SPEED Single Buccal Tube

Lower 6 SPEED Double Buccal Tube
SPEED Double Buccal Tube

Lower 7 SPEED Mini-Buccal Tube
SPEED Mini-Buccal Tube