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Loading & Installing Trillium Hooks

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Loading & Installing
Trillium Hooks

Install Trillium Compression Hooks in 3 simple steps. A process that takes seconds to complete and can be done without removing the archwire!

1. Load

Slide on Wire
Slide one hook forward on the dispenser wire.

Slide on Wire
Open the pliers and raise the Lower Beak to capture the separated hook
in the Receiving Well. The well contains a spring loaded piston which prevents the
hook from falling out during the installation procedure.

Slide on Wire
Load a Hook into the Receiving Well of the Trillium Compression
Hook Plier. The Pliers must remain open during loading.


Slide the open plier along and then off the dispenser wire leaving the hook in the lower beak.

2. Position

Slide on Wire

Position the plier at the desired location on the archwire. Ensure that the hook is oriented correctly to suit the desired clinical application.

Slide on Wire

Firmly squeeze the plier handles, moving the opposing beaks together.

3. Snap

Slide on Wire

Continue to apply firm pressure, thereby installing the Trillium Compression Hook. You will hear a distinct “snap” indicating that the hook has been installed on the archwire.

A Trillium Compression Hook installed on a square Archwire