Compression Hooks




Clinical Applications
   Class I Mechanics
   Class II Mechanics
   Class III Mechanics
   Surgical Application
   Traction on Round Wires
   Open Bite Correction
   Midline Correction
   Traction with TAD’s
   Anchorage Management
   Using Trillium as a Stop

Dispensing Trillium Hooks

Loading & Installing Trillium Hooks

Trillium Hook Options

Clinical Applications

Class 1 Mechanics
The ideal solution for Class I correction. Trillium Hooks grasp the wire tightly, eliminating the potential for hook migration, round tripping, and lost treatment time.

Once spaces are closed, elastic wear can be maintained to prevent spaces from opening. An esthetic, hygienic, alternative to powerchain.

Class I Posterior Protraction
Trillium Hooks are applied to upper and lower archwires distal to the laterals in this Class II surgical case. Light elastic Class I traction is applied from the Trillium Hook to the first molars to facilitate posterior protraction in both arches.

Class I Anterior Retraction
Trillium Hooks are applied distal to the upper laterals. Light elastics are applied from the Trillium Hooks to the upper first molars to facilitate anterior retraction in upper arch.