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A Hook for Every Wire
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Trillium Compression Hook’s Super Elastic design will securely grip to any archwire regardless of the archwire’s metallurgic composition. Available in a variety of sizes and hook lengths, Trillium Compression Hooks may be used for a number of clinical scenarios including Surgical applications, En Masse Retraction, Anchorage Management, and General Orthodontic Traction.

Archwire Dimensions

.016” Round

.018” Round

.020” Round

.016” x .016” Square

.018” x .018” Square

.021” x .021” Square

.016” - .018” x .022” Rec

.018” - .019” x .025” Rec

.021” x .025” Rec

For Ribbon Arch Lingual Wires:      .024” - .022” x .016“    &   .025” x .017” - .018“


Archwire Types:


Hook Length:

Stainless Steel

Nickel Titanium

Beta Titanium


Small - 1mm

Medium - 2mm

Large - 3mm

Trillium Compression Hook Kit:

Evaluate Trillium Compression Hooks today with the Trillium Introductory Kit and save! Kit Includes:

75 x Trillium Compression Hooks (1 Size of Your Choice)
1 x Trillium Compression Hook Plier
1 x USB Key Containing Trillium Instructional Files
1 x Trillium Compression Hook Instruction Guide

*Limit 1 Kit Per Office*