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SPEED Tubular Supercable

SPEED Tubular Supercable

A Hollow Nickel Titanium Archwire... Imagine the Possibilites - SPEED Tubular Supercable is the next evolution of archwire design. Why? Because SPEED Tubular Supercable is hollow! This breakthrough design permits Tubular Supercable to fold over on itself. It's a wire that is so flexible it can easily be engaged in the severest malalignment, while exerting just a fraction of the force levels of traditional initial archwires.

Tubular Supercable Graph

SPEED Tubular Supercable is an ultra-light force wire delivering near optimal forces to the periodontium. .016" Tubular Supercable exerts on average:
• approximately 1/4 the force of .013 Damon Optimal Force CuNiTi
• approximately 1/3 the force of .014 Heat Activated Nickel Titanium

Tubular Supercable Case  - Photo 1
Tubular Supercable Case  - Photo 2

Note the sharp kink in this initial .016 Tubular Supercable. The unique hollow design permits archwire engagement that would be virtually impossible with traditional archwires.

Week 7
The .016 Tubular Supercable has rotated and uprighted the canine sufficiently to allow the insertion of non-tubular .020 Supercable (shown here).